This film is a dark and dramatic re-creation of the life and crimes of the serial killer, Robert Francis Garrow, and the twisted trail of torture that he executed upon his innocent victims. Robert Francis Garrow was a serial rapist and murderer whose reign of terror paralyzed the North Country between the years of 1960 & 1978. Born in Mineville, New York in 1936, Robert's childhood was an endless cycle of unimaginable horror, beatings, sexual abuse, bestiality, and bloodshed. As an adult, Robert would become a sadomasochist, rapist and serial killer. The exact number of his victims to this day remains uncertain. A knife-wielding psychopath that could charm his victims before carving them to death. Robert was clever and cunning. He was able to manipulate the law, fake his own paralysis, escape from prison, and avoid capture for over a decade. “GARROW” The story of Robert F. Garrow Written by: Lori Kelly-Bailey Edited By: Korey Rowe Produced By: Joel Plue Genre: Docu-drama/BioPic Setting: Upstate New York / Adirondacks 1950’s – 1070’s Main Character: Robert F. Garrow https://www.facebook.com/garrowfilm/ Brought to you by Adirondack Film in association with Prism Pictures.