Thank you for your time and consideration. It is a pleasure to meet you my name is, Korey H. Rowe. You clicked this link, so here you go. 

   I am a self starter, a laborer, a veteran, a husband, a business owner and a Californian. I love life and am excited to wake up everyday with hopes to make a positive measurable progressive movement forward in my life and the life of all humans. I have two rules, be kind and if you can't be kind be honest. I have made more mistakes than most and paid terribly for those choices however these moments taught me more about what it is to be alive than anything I would consider a good experience. I am shaped by this world and am a direct byproduct of it. I am interested in technology, social media, sciences and free thought. I am progressive yet conservative. I am a lover and have long put down my arms.

   I served with the 101st Airborne Division 187th Infantry Regiment in the Afghanistan Invasion as well as the Iraq Invasion. I lived in the Middle East for most of 2002 - 2004. In countries such as Pakistan, Oman, Turkey, the aforementioned Afghanistan and Iraq with quick stop in Syria, Germany, and Saudi Arabia. I have also traveled the western world with stops in South and Central America, and most of Europe. 

  Then things got a bit crazy but that is a story for another time.

   I currently live in Los Angles and own Prism Pictures, LLC. I specialize in communication in all forms but specifically in video form. I produce, shoot, edit, and act in videos from Narratives, shorts, docs, short form advertisement, YouTube Series, as well I am an Instructor and Mentor to students of Photography. I am a social media guru and can help you with your next project if needed. I don't bite so reach out!