State University of New York, College at Oneonta

Bachelor of Science, Mass Communications - Concentration in Production w/ Honors - Class of 2012

Focus of Study - 

Audio Production - Multi-Cam Video Production - Videography and Digital Editing - Media Law and Regulation - Video Documentary Production - Research Methods - Writing for TV, Radio, and Film - Art of the Motion Picture - New Media - Acting - Motion Picture Production - Teaching Assistant - Photojournalism - Media Activism and Social Change - Advanced Non-linear Editing - Arabic

United States Army - Infantry - Communications Specialist

- Active Duty 2001 - 2011* (2005 Respectively)


B Company 2/187th Infantry Regiment, 101st Airborne Division, Fort Campbell - Kentucky

I am listing my military career as a project because it heavily influenced my later projects, my views on life, and me as a person overall. 

I joined the Army at the tender age of 18, on August 20, 2001. Yup, three weeks before September 11th. I actually said to a friend, "There's not going to be a war!" ....Sigh.... There have been and continue to be amazing benefits to serving in the Armed Forces. Do they out weigh what I had to endure as a human being? Does the general nature of it make it ok, legal, or moral? These questions I will ask myself for years to come.  

Right out of basic I was assigned to the one unit in all of the Army that was going to OEF I. Then would continue that tradition with OIF I. 

Service in; USA, Germany, Afghanistan, Oman, Pakistan, Kuwait, Iraq, and others...

Awarded; Afganistan Campaign Medal w/ Campaign Star, Army Achievement Medal, National Defense Service Medal, Global War on Terrorism Expeditionary Medal, Global War on Terrorism Service Medal, Army Service Ribbon, Overseas Service Ribbon, Combat Infantryman Badge, Air Assault Badge

MOS 11 Bravo, Infantryman, Rifleman, Machine Gunner (M-249), Platoon and Company RTO. Advance Sat Com Training, Air Assault, Communications Specialist, Team Leader

Loose Change - A Documentary - Producer

What can I say about Loose Change that hasn't already been said? Probably a lot. Remember when I was talking about great plans leading to unexpected places? This would be one of those things. An idea, a fringe idea at that. Simplicity among children. This idea would be one of many seeds planted in the fertile soil of the early Internet, that would grow into the rainforest we now call Social Media. The lessons this journey taught me and my friends is incalculable in any dimension of thought. I will never forget my 20's as the best and worst years of my life. 

Here I should take a moment to mention working with my best friend and brother, Dylan Avery. Dylan is the best man I know. His high moral standards have guided me and millions of other humans through a passage of personal exploration that is likely unmatched in human history. His unique style of thinking, coupled with his understanding of trends within society have taught me more than any other man, short of my father. Out of everything that went wrong behind the scenes, and in the public eye because of my attachment to this project, I am blessed and thankful for every second of the experience. None more exciting than taking on the world standing beside my best friend and brother. Thank you Dylan, for everything you have and will continue to do. I love you man. 

Champ-O-Sauras - A Mockumentary - Director of Photography

Champ-O-Sauras is an independent film produced by Tandem Cage Productions. Filmed on Lake Champlain, Port Henry, New York. Summer 2014

On this project I was the Director of Photography and Lead Editor. I also played a lead role as the actor who was supposed to fill that role backed out at the last moment. This was an amazing experience that I truly enjoyed. I could never calculate the amount that I learned while filling major roles for this production. Working with Lori Kelly and Joel Plue was.. something. They helped elevate me to be a better editor and director. Fixing issues on set and "making lemonade", was what we did. What a blast! They have asked me to work with them again in 2015, again as the Director of Photography for, "The Fallen Kingdom".

In the Summer of 2014, three Documentary Filmmakers set out to debunk the myth of The Lake Champlain Monster. Town Folks offered little in the way of cooperation, until a reward was offered, and the pranks turned deadly. This is their story...

Some News on the Film.

The premiere screening of “Champ-O-Sauras,” a mockumentary about the Lake Champlain monster, is set for Moriah Central School later this month. Lori Kelly-Bailey and Joel Plue of Tandem Cage Productions wrote, produced and directed the independent feature film, a spoof about the legendary Lake Champlain creature.

The fictional story, shot around Moriah and Port Henry this summer, is about documentary filmmakers who visit the Adirondacks and attempt to debunk the legend of Champ. Townsfolk offer the film crew little cooperation until rumors of a reward surface, and then competition and pranks turn deadly, Kelly-Bailey said.

“The goal was to produce a low-budget feature film that would bring attention to the residents, towns and businesses surrounding Lake Champlain,” she said by email, “to promote tourism and create a renewed interest in the legend of the Lake Champlain monster. 

"I believe we have achieved our goal with this fun and family-friendly film.”

Chemical Guys Mfg Co. - Media Director

Chemical Guys a subsidiary of Smart Inc. with Smart Detailing University. Media Director of CG Media Department. 

My duties on this, on-going stream of projects you could call my job, and a great one at that, includes basically everything. I shoot, edit, star in and distribute the videos which are the major proponent to engage new customers as well as maintain relationships with existing ones. I assist and often oversee the creation of new products and services from a media stand point of course. I operate giveaways, and all social media channels less Instagram which is run by the Media Coordinator. Employed since February of 2013. 

At the end of my first year with CG you can see drastic changes in the department as well as company wide, which I will stand up and say are largely because of my direction. Stricter policies focusing employee responsibilities in the media department, equipment maintenance and control, production analyzation and stream lining. Creation and maintenance of weekly reports to other departments and staff to facilitate in enhanced communications. As well as a complete overhaul of all social media channels with a focus on interacting and continuing relations with repeat customers with the final note of updating all social media content with trackable links to analyze sales, demographics, and site activity. 

The numbers speak for themselves. 

Lifetime Youtube Channel Views - 14 million, 8 million of those from this year alone.

Channel Subscribers - 71,000, 45,000 from this year. 

The other categories, (Likes, Shares, Mins Watched, and Ad Revenue) are also up huge percentages in every category. 

Most new customers for all companies under the Smart Inc. umbrella (which then become repeat customers) are initially engaged over the internet through our videos. While this first meet can turn into direct search on Google, or any number of other methods, the customer would somehow find our site, this was initially not trackable data for our company. Changing this was a major point during my hiring. This year our Media Department has seen a rise from less then 1% of Gross Revenue of the entire corporation to more then 8% of total company gross. As well, we are seeing the drastic amounts of the influence our department has over the entire company from the new trackable embed codes we have emplaced as standard operating procedure on all outgoing media. 

The Media Department is the face of the company. We are constantly listening to our customers and viewers and updating our style to meet the ever changing needs of our market place and social media. 

Check out some of our videos on YouTube.