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I am starting early because I am interested in how my views will change, if they change at all, and what might cause such a change to come about. I am extremely pessimistic about social change thru media activism, here in the now. I concede that throughout the history of the United States, and the World, that many movements have had much success with social activism. However those movements are not here today. Yes their effects live on, but I see their progress regressing if anything, losing ground instead of gaining it. Of course this is not for every single idea of every single movement. I do not want to overly generalize progressive moments of yesteryear with those currently. Women, for instance have made great strides in equality within the work place and home, but are they equal to men even today, after decades of fighting? No. Maybe I am extremely wrong, and I would be happy to see such a thing. I do not argue that many organizations in many forms exist, and are as you put it "making efforts" to institute a change in our society. But my question and I have a feeling I will be asking this often, even to nauseam, is what results can we see? And I do not mean, did someone give them a shout out on a cable news program and that was the end of it. REAL PROGRESS. I want to see sustainable, measurable, progressive movement forward for that cause. I have seen thousands gather for years, for change, for peace, for accountability, and in the end it was at best, a small article in a dying publication. Intentionally over shadowed or misconstrued by mainstream media, or even marginalized by the same media outlets that state they stand for the same ideals. (Cough* Democracy Now) We are surrounded by two faced, left and right wing gate keepers, too afraid to go the necessary distance to speak the real truth that we all need to hear.
Mass media of the 21st century is a cancer that needs to be treated. Opinionated blowhards cover-up their bias bullshit as real news with newsroom backdrops, as the American public sits on the edge of their seats in fear and desperation. (http://iasp.brandeis.edu/pdfs/FromBadtoWorse.pdf) The single fact that most of these “news stations” are on for 24 hours a day is a symptom that promotes distortion, opinions, and fear mongering, to an extreme that has affected all aspects of political life in America, which in turn affects everything else. I personally am past the ability to watch any of it, read any of it, and even think about most of it. My own personal views are distorted because all the information is distorted. Therefor I know nothing, and my only option is to check out, tune out and turn off. I find myself regressing to a pre-modern age where I dislike my cell phone, social media sites, and the people that use them, which is everyone. However, I have no choice but to deal with it. For years I tried to institute a change in the minds of Americans, encouraging them to wake up and take notice, all with little to no real progress. One person cannot make a difference, not today. Maybe the future holds a more promising ability due to events unforeseen.
Yes, I am pissed off. The portrayal of “news” to the American public, specifically thru this political season has been atrocious. Candidates hold no moral barriers to retain the lies and venom that they spew from their soulless life forms. The ability to say anything, despite the inaccuracy, distortion, or strait up fabrication of information, labeled as, “knowing your audience”, is a practice that has removed all truth from the political spectrum. The White House is for sale, and unlike all other government expenditures, this one goes to the highest bidder. (http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/08/02/time-magazine-white-house-for-sale-cover_n_1732605.htmlNot only in the form of cash spent, but promises made, and lobbyists secured. While during all of the charades conjured up for the cameras, in the end, none of it matters. The popular vote means little in the shadow of the Electoral College. We can really do nothing, our voice, our vote, means nothing. Gods, supported by the one percent, run our country, all while overlooking the slaves they control in a trickle down economy. (http://www.usnews.com/news/blogs/washington-whispers/2012/01/09/poll-americans-2-1-fear-obamas-reelection) It is disgusting. But the worst part of it all? We do nothing about it. Men and women of all ages bitch from closets, behind closed doors, about the status of our nation. Speaking catch phrases such as “Keep the Change”, or “I want my country back”. I personally don’t remember a time during my life or the life of my family when anyone had his or her Country.  We need to rise up and slaughter the one percent, behead them, and post their lying faces on the iron spikes of the gates that surround the white house… figuratively speaking of course. ;)
I am going to go read my book now… maybe Noam can give me some wisdom. I have worked myself up.

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