Pandering to the masses

Dr. Cornel West

  Sitting in the stands of the Alumni Field House on a warm autumn evening, next to other students, faculty, and alumni, listening to Dr. Cornel West, was a pleasant experience.  He spoke quickly, with great power and enthusiasm. He ignited the fire of action in the bellies of our easily distracted youth, and replaced the spark of purpose in generations past… (Damn it, I really don’t want to say this next part)

…Or did he?

  Disclaimer. I am a critic. I critique people who put themselves in position’s where others are supposed to listen to them, and to take action upon their words.

  There were many underlying messages to tonight’s short speech. You are going to die, soon. Take the noble root despite if you achieve nothing. Be human. George Washington had slaves. Think critically. The Social Network was a bad representation of Americans. Your mother hates you too. LOUD NOISES. Oh, and the blues, funk, and jazz, heal a troubled soul. I enjoyed the shotgun effect; I understand how it appeals to a mass audience.

  I get it, he is very smart. He knows a lot of big words, can speak well, and knows his audience. But could we at least get a conversation that has a real point? Was he here to talk about the black list? That was what today was supposed to be about on campus, but I don’t feel he choose a solid way to bring it all together. Maybe he didn’t get a full explanation of what was happening. He was much like the fireworks at the end of July forth. Lots of things going on all day, and at the end you get to see some shinny, colorful, loud noises, that just bring it all together. If he was the fireworks, ok. I do not know who could have done a better job.  However, I would have enjoyed a pointed specific topic of discussion covering events that are happening today. Could we have covered some current events possibly? I heard a lot of names, but one name I didn’t hear was Mitt Romney. Didn’t hear anything about the actions of congress. I did hear a sales pitch for a new CD on September the 18th.

  This is what I took away from his lecture, and it has nothing to do with what he was preaching. I just figured out whom I am going to vote for. We are all screwed right now, it is an inescapable truth, and so I am going to vote for Mitt Romney. This way hopefully he can make things much worse as fast as possible. Then when we are starving, in a police state, with no heat, people will really stand up. I just sat there wondering all the while he was speaking, if he really cared as much as he said, why not put himself in a position to actually affect change. Run for public office. Speak for the people, not just at them. He is a smart guy though, I am sure he knows what he’s doing. He is making money, living a comfortable life, and doing what we all do, bitching.

Korey RoweComment