The moon and Obama, one in the same.

Below is a quick study I conducted on using links to back up “claims” put in blogs or reports online. I wrote down 10 ridiculous claims on a piece of paper and then attempted to find links to "back up" what I was saying. I think you will see what I am driving at.

Enjoy, and reflect. 

The moon is made of titanium and is the child of earth alone.

The moon is a manufactured orb made by aliens.

The moon is made of cheese.

The moon doesn’t rotate and has a dark side that we can never see.

The moon is hollow.

Aliens live in the moon.

Aliens live on the moon, their predators are giant Nephilims living in center of earth, mankind is going to war against them all in 2012?

Obama is not an American citizen.

Obama is an American citizen.

Obama is an alien from outer space.

Obama is letting NASA bomb the moon.
(I know that makes 11 but I really liked how it linked my two lists)

          I feel that if I have to put a link in after every other sentence it just further proves I don't know what I am talking about, and need others validation. You should have enough common sense to decide what is fact and what is not.  Facts and the truth are all relative to each person. There are many shades of the truth, and all facts are interpretations of the truth. Words are an invention of man, and the meaning of words change constantly. (Yes the earth is not flat, but topics of today are not that black and white, and I could argue that it is flat and find links to back it up.) That is not what a blog is for, not mine anyway. I will give a topic link and then expel my own personal take on the situation. A blog is a personal perception of events surrounding our lives, recorded here on the Internet so others can read said thoughts. I feel the most important aspect of personal blogs has nothing to do with today. Hopefully the world will survive another thousand years and the civilizations on the future can look back on the writings of the common man and see his perceptions of their history, and not only what the church or government says mans history was.

That is all.

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