Network Neutalitiy

Network Neutrality, a positive idea. Remove the preset standards put forth by the government, and corporations, then let society set the standards. I am not better than you, so we can all decide. This will be my tag line when I run for office.

Network neutrality is the principal of non-discrimination on the internet that allows all content and applications to be treated equally on the network.
- Cant charge for better access
- Cant shut down a site for content
- Cant privilege some content

I remember when Web 2.0 was a bad thing. Conspiracy theorists ran around handing out cards with Illuminati logos on them, the 'all seeing eye' floating behind "WEB 2.0". I don't remember when the PR campaign was launched to change the public's perspective that it was in fact, a good thing. When the idea of web 2.0 was introduced it was broken down like this. (Not my point of view)

-The internet is growing out of control and must be harnessed.

-The information available is non-scholarly, terrorist oriented, and nothing but pornographic material.

-Steps must be taken to ensure a positive, educational environment for the children. "My God, won't someone think of the Children!"

- ect. ect...

Because of the nature of the 'beast' that had grown from the fetus of the original internet embryo the government and corporations wanted to take steps to harness the unspeakable creature that had hatched in its place. Steps would have included the following.

-Restrict all web traffic by limiting the ability for the creation of new material to servers deemed legal. These servers would only be available to universities, the government and large corporations.

-Anyone interested in creating a website would have to have their site hosted by one of the approved servers.

-In order to be approved to be hosted, websites and their content must adhere to guidelines put forth by

'Big Brother' and said company. They would be subject to constant screening and editing of material  its traffickers, and its users.

Somewhere along this line Web 2.0 became something else entirely. Or did it?

Today Web 2.0 is the new generation of user content created websites, i.e. Facebook, Twitter, Wikipedia, even iTunes. These sites allow users to create essentially their own websites within the larger network of the corporation. Your information is widely available, your content is under strict scrutiny and editing or you are at the risk of being kicked off of the site. These user/content created websites are flashy, popular and a cesspool for internet marketing and advertisement companies. You can say whatever you want, well not really. You can put up pictures of whatever you want, well definitely not. Uhh.. you can communicate with anyone, damn not that either. So what can you do?

You can post material that adheres to the guidelines put forth by the company that hosts the site, which is limited by the law and regulations of the federal government, all while promoting traffic that these companies can then sell to the highest bidder. The big corporations! Your personal information is not personal and is under the close and watchful eye of pretty much everyone. Your personal acquaintances are public knowledge and all the time you are bombarded with marketing targeted to your personal tastes. And if you don't stay in single file line with everyone else? Your account is deemed a hazard and is removed.

So when did web 2.0 become a good thing?
Korey RoweComment