Wake me up, September is over.

 September and the Summer are coming to a close, Fall is here, and October is just around the corner. I set several goals for myself to accomplish this month. I needed to move, which was a large process and is just about over, a box lingers here and there. The shop is mostly moved, and I am getting comfortable in the new house. This was to be done by October 1st, and for the most part, mission accomplished. I had to oversee the transfer of a website and online store from one oversight company to another, while rebuilding the store, and reestablishing a distro and marking plan. This too was to be done by October 1st. And while we are a measurable distance into the transfer, unfortunately not all parties got on board quick enough and we are slightly behind schedule. In hindsight maybe the goal of October 1, for this, was overly optimistic. The sales will trickle into the 4th quarter, but this is not the end of the world. Properly accomplishing the task takes precedent over all time constraints. Thank you Dave at Rivernetcomputers.com for being an amazing friend and priceless contact. Mission will be accomplished, lets say totally complete by November 1st. Also personally, I needed to clean my virtual house. Clean up my blogs, park my now condensed blog at koreyrowe.com, update and send out resume for perspective job opportunities, start redoing my company site, and a whole bunch of paperwork, filling, book keeping and accounting. That too, was all put in the 'done column'.  Lastly, I was to relax a bit. At the end of August, Danielle and I went skydiving at a place in upstate NY, skydivetheranch.com, and crossed one off the bucket list. After camping in the Cape and touristing it up in Boston, and seeing Family in the Hampton's, it was a busy end to the summer.
 Looking forward, I have a lot to do. But I will get it done. I am off to play horse shoes with the boys, maybe have a cold one, or two.... or three. Enjoy the Fall.

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