How to affect change.

This is a conversation I had with a fan, wanted to know what to do next. This is 101 stuff, work on this and get ready for the 300 level :)

I wanted to write and say thank you for your blog, Loose Change, and service to our country. I hope you get as many positive responses from people as you seem to get negative.Years ago, I stumbled across Loose Change, and it changed me.
Thank you,

Thank you for that. Its always more positive then negative. Unfortunately, negativity and evil stand out in the world today. Whereas kindness and a sense of purpose are lost in the shadows of greed. Your kind words just started my day right, thank you.

I am happy to hear that it is more positive than negative. That's a great way to end my day. I rewatched the latest Loose Change with my mom again. Thanks again for being a messenger to something so important. 

Two questions:
1.) what if any significance does the future date on your blog imply? Will something become declassified that day?

2.) what is your most practical suggestion for making change happen to a common person?

1. that is a great idea. sadly, no it just locks that post at the top if my blog. 
2. Making change happen? That is extremely open ended, change in what way? Im guessing in their beliefs about 9/11?

I guess what I am saying is that I feel powerless. I know that voting on a local level has more of a personal impact in my life then voting in national elections. But I wonder how can I get involved? Do I write letters to state and national legislators to reinvestigate 911? Are there certain precautions that I should consider? As always, thank you for your time.

What works for me, and has been one of my greatest outlets, both for myself, and for getting some kind of response from the masses, (which is in a way change), is my blog. When I see something that inspires or upsets me I write about it. I then post on all of my social media and websites. People see it, read it and respond. Discussion is started, debate happens. I am doing something. If EVERYONE did SOMETHING, we would be much better off. Too many just read, maybe like. Take the time to think for yourself, form and opinion, and talk about it openly. From local to national politics, someone else wants to talk about it, many people in fact. That is where I would start, you won't end up talking to Obama, and he wont change legislation, but its a start. It is SOMETHING.

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