Huge 9-11 Non-Fraud

This is in response to the article posted on ABC news.

Disclaimer – I am not aware of every case in this investigation, I do not know who was at ground zero and who was not. My blanket support is of first responders and rescue workers, as it always will be.  The James Zadroga Act was fought for and eventually established to support disabled first responders; that should be the story.  That is what is important.

            In the last 24 hours a news story is racing across the networks about 9-11 first responders being caught in a large organized case of fraud to receive compensation and benefits. This is appalling. Not that these brave men and women are gaining compensation, what is appalling is the idea that they do not deserve every dollar, plus many more.
            There is so much bullshit money floating around this nation for sports franchises, politicians, corporations and through Wall Street that the amount of money that was paid out to first responders is a drop in the ocean. I am paid 1274.00 dollars each month from the Army for being 70% disabled, being afflicted by PTSD, hearing problems, and constant pain. Can I not leave the house? Can I not go fishing? (As what was shown as evidence that these brave soldiers of safety are just fine). I live as much of a normal life as possible. I struggle with night terrors, deftness, pain, and a contorted view on life that exposes me to situations normal people would run screaming from. But I love, I laugh, and I live. I am disabled, but not that you can see. There is nothing different from me to these men and women. I was in a foxhole in Afghanistan and Iraq; they were in the trenches in NYC.

            My brothers in arms and I, disabled and not, deserve to be paid for the rest of our lives by the government that lied to us, then used us as cannon fodder in a pointless war, that in the end did nothing beneficial for this nation or any other. First responders are no different. If they have put themselves out there for the greater good, as soldiers do, they should receive benefits for the remainder of their natural born lives.
Korey Rowe1 Comment