Abe's of Maine are liars and cheats!


Abe's of Maine are liars and cheats! Don't even go on their website! They will sell you the stars and then call you and lie right to you. I know cameras inside and out, I am a director of photography in LA and was trying to buy my friends kid a starter camera, they told me every story under the sun, and didn't like that I called them on it. I cancelled my order and still am waiting on a refund. These people are the scum of the earth and karma will catch up with these people: I am considering a class action lawsuit for fraud. I'm sure I can get enough people. You will keep hearing from me, and I will keep spamming you until you change you ways. Your social media sites are not safe from people knowing who you really are. 

They told me it came with a one hour battery and I should upgrade for 65 dollars!

They told me the menus were in Japanese and would revert that way every-time I turn the camera off unless I paid more. 

They told me it only shot PAL and a I needed to pay more for NTSC.

They treated me horribly and acted as if I was stupid for ordering the camera I did.   

Don't not give these people one dollar of your money! ZERO STARS!

Watch this short video - https://youtu.be/0mR1glRxXSA

Korey RoweComment