A Letter in Support of Donald Trump For President in 2016

I write this with hesitation. The idea of supporting Donald Trump scares me, and it should scare you as well.  He is the reflection of everything that is wrong with our nation. He is in one person everything I hate and everything I love about our country. He is the anti-politician. And that is why given the chance, I will vote for him for President of the United States in 2016. 


We deserve him. I don’t say this in a supportive tone. I say this as, we should have known better.  As a nation we have allowed the political system to be raped, repeatedly. I want to make that statement more graphic for you because rape does not cover it by half. The greed and lust for more money and the never-ending cycle of individualism has distorted my mind and yours. Our values are not values, but simply emotional impulses we react upon without logic or reason. I digress.


Donald Trump. A man with more greed than sense, made without limits or hesitations. A man made in America, made by Americans. We all know what he is. He is terrible in every essence and interpretation of the word.  But let us talk about what he is not.


He is not a Bush. He is not a Clinton. He is not even a politician.  He is not a Democrat or a Republican.  He has no governing experience, which is fine because we no longer have a government in America. We have a corporation.


He is an American. He is a self-centered, rich, power-hungry madman. He is a reflection of what most of us strive to be. A baller. Rich.  With what we would call, “beautiful women. “ The man in charge; He is everything I hate.


If you want four more years of the same garbage in Washington, and I mean the lowest form of political action where the two-party system will further push us into debt and into more wars, vote for anyone else. If you want the rich to keep getting richer and the poor to keep getting murdered and imprisoned, vote for anyone else.


Is Donald Trump going to save the poor? Absolutely not. There is a much larger chance he will destroy our nation on the international stage, burning most diplomatic ties, and I can’t even imagine what he will do with Israel. The ownership class will most likely assassinate him before he gets a chance, if he even makes it that far. But he is my biggest hope for change.


I don’t think it will be good change, in fact just the opposite. I believe he will break our system so badly that we might actually wake up and get active about our future as the one international race of beings leading this planet, instead of just “head up our ass Americans”.


That is all. 

Korey Rowe3 Comments