O.W.S. (neoliberalism)

As Wall Street protest enters 3rd week, movement gains steam nationwide

 Whether they know it or not the protesters on Wall Street in NYC, and now in other major cities (Boston, LA, Chicago) across the country, are fighting back against the ideals of neoliberalism. While the events carry on into their third week, major news outlets seem to hold true that the protestors have no clear message, this blogger disagrees. The protestors are out of work citizens of this nation, they want jobs, they want economic security, they want the government to intervene and break the big monopolizing business cycle that has intrenched the United States. To me that sounds a lot like a clear cut message against neoliberalism, asking for a revisit to the ideals of Keynsianism. 

There are now over 34 organizations claiming responsibility and involvement-- from unions to ethnic organizations to activist groups focused on everything from foreclosure prevention to climate change to justice-related issues -- listed as being involved in a like-minded activist coalition.  Messages like "stop their greed," "fight for an economy that works for all of us" and "build cities that are democratic, just and sustainable" can be seen on poster boards peeking over the heads of the crowds.

 As most of the protests are non-violent and have resulted in little more that people actually taking notice, in NY this weekend over 700 were arrested. After taking to the streets and marching over the iconic Brooklyn Bridge, the movement stopped before making it across, leading to a halt of traffic and the subsequent arrests.  This led to further messages coming out against personal rights and police brutality. 

 No matter how the mass media attempts to down play the impact of these rally's, the real American public is taking notice and largely agree with the messages put forth. Americans are sick of eking by paycheck to paycheck. Are tired of watching the rich getting richer, while our standard of living diminishes. Everyone should wake up, take notice, and get involved. Ask questions, demand answers.

Korey Rowe


PS Here is a link to a breakdown of neoliberalism as a water balloon! An interesting way to understand the fundamentals of it all.