The internet is to blame!

I am tired of the argument that the internet is responsible for every downturn of society. It didn't kill the newspaper, it didn't invent porn, it didn't invent terrorists, it wasn't created by Al Gore, and the "tubes" are wires connecting every home with a line. It didn't cause, create or spur revolutions, or the over throwing of governements. Humans did all of this, all of it. The internet is just a tool we use to help us do all of the a fore mentioned topics. I sit and wonder while the "students" around me vomit from their mouths in the form of sentences, "did they have these conversations when the printing press was coming of age"? Of course they did. Humans, and mainly the ones in a position of power, made it illegal to own or operate a printing press in any way. Why did they do this? To control. To control information, beliefs, new ideas, and to remain powerful, for knowledge is power. It took decades for the freedom of information to prosper within the pages of books. The opposite is the case with the internet, we are told it is unreliable, unchecked, and non-scholarly, in an attempt to discredit the viable information that exists outside the box of "normal" (being corporate media). Blow it out your ass.

Below is an artical that introduces a few good ideas of how to use this tool we have at our disposal. A tool we waste finding out who did what on Facebook. Gross.