A letter from myself to.. everyone?

Near the conclusion of my second tour in the middle east I wrote this letter to some of my close friends and family. It was created on December 14, 2003, after the capture of Saddam, in Iraq. I find it interesting, that is all, and maybe you will too.

To all, 

Today the world has been shown the power of the Untied States military, government and public. To do as we said 10 months ago. Our will to adapt, achieve, and over come any power, no matter how strong; any place, no matter how distant; and any goal no mater how difficult to reach. What has happened in the last 24 hrs is a milestone in the history of the world. A dictator, one the most powerful in history, taken from power and forced into a six foot by eight-foot hole. We have come, sought out, and destroyed, the regime of Saddam. In addition, all of this means absolutely nothing to us, here, where it all takes place. 
From the begging of the invasion of this country, we have been working by the understanding that he was dead or long, long gone. Now that he has been caught, and in our hands, what does it mean? Nothing. 
We came to Iraq to search for "Weapons of Mass Destruction". When there were none, we changed our story. We were then here to flat out, "Kill Saddam". When we lost him, we made a new goal, "Liberate the Iraqi people, and form a new democratic government". We here have been working to do just that for almost six months. However, five months and 29 days ago, the soldiers realized that these people want no government. Not theirs, not ours, and not Saddam's. They want their country to break in to states, and in the future, individual free nations. 
The intelligence of the United States government knew this and we soon understood the real cause of the attack on this poor, broken country. Oil. You know, I know and the Iraqi People know it. This is why the capture of the most wanted man on the face of Earth changes absolutely nothing. 
We will continue to send our son and daughters here for many years. Each day losing one or two, to the resistance that anyone can understand. All of this, for the cause of oil. 
In the end however, the saddest part, is you and I can do nothing to change that. A republican is now the president, and when or if he is voted out of office, The House of Representatives is controlled by just that political party. Laws, decisions drawn up by a new president will be turned down before they are given a chance because of the "conflict of ideas". In addition, while all this bickering is taking place, what else could go wrong? The closing of public schools due to lack of funding, road repair having to cut corners. Medicare and social security that will be nonexistent by the time my children need it. Our country dept will be far passed fixing and we will continue to lose our family and friends to an unimportant cause. 
Therefore, in closing, nothing ever changes on the large scale. Things will continue on the course that they are until our world collapses upon itself. Enjoy what you have now; the best things in life are right in front of your face. Sometimes we choose not to see it. So cherish one another, love, and be happy. And through this holiday season, worry not of us over here. We have accepted our fate; it is our job that we stepped forward to do it. Merry Christmas and have a Happy New Year.

Korey H Rowe
SPC, B Co. 2nd Battalion 187th Infantry Regiment
101st Airborne Division (AASLT)