Global Warming, Man vs. Volcano

The internet breeds false arguments. It is ironic as most of the truthful information that can debunk some of these bad ideas is freely and widely available, all you have to do is look for it. During a discussion on a social networking site about global warming many of the topics covered below were referred to, but in incorrect ways. This is just something I wrote for my blog to show the power of the internet for good scholarly purposes. I know it doesn't directly address one of the suggested blog topics, but I feel it is important to post and leave for possible discussion with my peers.

Over the years I have learned many of the ideas that I have believed in have been wrong, or misplaced. The following was not a specific argument of mine against Global Warming, however I have heard it so I felt it relevant to post this article I found pertaining to the information.

The argument consisted around the idea that global warming was a myth. The idea was that volcanoes release more Co2 into the environment than humans. Furthermore the person who made this argument stated that around volcanoes there is lush vegetation further providing evidence that the earth can survive despite high levels of these poisonous gasses, ash and lava. While also stating,  that there were no holes in the ozone layer over said volcanoes.

I am not a scientist, so at first these ideas seemed to resonate with me, a little. Maybe volcanoes do release more Co2 than humans. Also how can there be such beautiful vegetation around such a deadly hot spot on the earths surface? Well, like I said I was wrong to believe in such ideas and here is the proof. Attached is an article I was introduced to by a geologist who has done research in the field of this inquiry. Within the article, it shows that humans release 135% more Co2 than volcanoes do annually (2010), and at the same time we are releasing 500% more Co2 than we were in the 1950's. So that 1.35 number is only growing each year, not getting smaller.

I am not calling for the end of fossil fuels, less dependance on foreign oil rich nations, or even hydrogen cars. I just think it is important that when ideas creep up your spine like this one did that you put the time in and do a little talking, a little reading, or a little more thinking. One bad idea can lead to more assumptions of the same nature, and the rabbit hole is very deep. So speak to a professional and get a better opinion. Ask questions, demand answers.
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