Chasing a Dream, 2014

Driving coast to coast for the sixth time in my life. I have a chance to do something great, I have to go after it. 

Song of the Adventure - Eminem Lose Yourself

Mr. Dylan Avery will be co-piloting this mission. 

We will be stopping at the homes of some of our best and closest friends from over the years, as well as some crazy places. We will be documenting this adventure, posting live from the road on social media, and encourage your feedback and attention.

The Story.

A few years ago a director in Paris who will remain nameless, invited Dylan and I out to Paris for a couple of weeks, in high-society style. While there he hired us to write a script for a movie, a very specific movie, and we did. Then as all things, life got in the way. Dylan, Director X, and myself have reconnected, and with new passion and enthusiasm want to complete this project.
Personally for me this is vastly important. As a recent college grad who is struggling to find a job in my industry, and my place in the world, this is my shot. I can either make something real, or continue to sit in Oneonta. So here we go.

We are chasing a dream, in 2014.
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