Facebook, a lot like a fridge.

I was bored Sunday morning. My options were to shoot some video, or find a kid that looked like me and convince him I was him from the future... right. So I shot some video. I only used the on board mic, so the audio is not good. Also this created an interesting problem that I attempted to deal with. The flash of light from opening the door, and lamp, overexposed the shot. I have since come up with a number or better ways to deal with this then how I did. For this I just lowered the exposure for the maximum number of frames allowable, then CD'd back to the original exposure settings. It didn't do much, but its ok. I was in my PJ's, and I spent a total of 33 mins on this, it was just me goofing around. This originated from a Facebook post of mine, which was well received. I have a few others that will require more work, but will be worth it. I am hoping to shoot one tonight.

The Fridge -

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