Iceland 2015 Reel

I have never made a reel, this is as close as I have come. My trip to Iceland concluded in some of the best shots, photo and video, that I have ever captured. I would be honored if you would watch this short video. Thank you for your time and consideration. 

A Letter in Support of Donald Trump For President in 2016

I write this with hesitation. The idea of supporting Donald Trump scares me, and it should scare you as well.  He is the reflection of everything that is wrong with our nation. He is in one person everything I hate and everything I love about our country. He is the anti-politician. And that is why given the chance, I will vote for him for President of the United States in 2016. 


We deserve him. I don’t say this in a supportive tone. I say this as, we should have known better.  As a nation we have allowed the political system to be raped, repeatedly. I want to make that statement more graphic for you because rape does not cover it by half. The greed and lust for more money and the never-ending cycle of individualism has distorted my mind and yours. Our values are not values, but simply emotional impulses we react upon without logic or reason. I digress.


Donald Trump. A man with more greed than sense, made without limits or hesitations. A man made in America, made by Americans. We all know what he is. He is terrible in every essence and interpretation of the word.  But let us talk about what he is not.


He is not a Bush. He is not a Clinton. He is not even a politician.  He is not a Democrat or a Republican.  He has no governing experience, which is fine because we no longer have a government in America. We have a corporation.


He is an American. He is a self-centered, rich, power-hungry madman. He is a reflection of what most of us strive to be. A baller. Rich.  With what we would call, “beautiful women. “ The man in charge; He is everything I hate.


If you want four more years of the same garbage in Washington, and I mean the lowest form of political action where the two-party system will further push us into debt and into more wars, vote for anyone else. If you want the rich to keep getting richer and the poor to keep getting murdered and imprisoned, vote for anyone else.


Is Donald Trump going to save the poor? Absolutely not. There is a much larger chance he will destroy our nation on the international stage, burning most diplomatic ties, and I can’t even imagine what he will do with Israel. The ownership class will most likely assassinate him before he gets a chance, if he even makes it that far. But he is my biggest hope for change.


I don’t think it will be good change, in fact just the opposite. I believe he will break our system so badly that we might actually wake up and get active about our future as the one international race of beings leading this planet, instead of just “head up our ass Americans”.


That is all. 

Abe's of Maine are liars and cheats!

Abe's of Maine are liars and cheats! Don't even go on their website! They will sell you the stars and then call you and lie right to you. I know cameras inside and out, I am a director of photography in LA and was trying to buy my friends kid a starter camera, they told me every story under the sun, and didn't like that I called them on it. I cancelled my order and still am waiting on a refund. These people are the scum of the earth and karma will catch up with these people: I am considering a class action lawsuit for fraud. I'm sure I can get enough people. You will keep hearing from me, and I will keep spamming you until you change you ways. Your social media sites are not safe from people knowing who you really are. 

They told me it came with a one hour battery and I should upgrade for 65 dollars!

They told me the menus were in Japanese and would revert that way every-time I turn the camera off unless I paid more. 

They told me it only shot PAL and a I needed to pay more for NTSC.

They treated me horribly and acted as if I was stupid for ordering the camera I did.   

Don't not give these people one dollar of your money! ZERO STARS!

Watch this short video -


- This is a personal blog, and is in no way related to anything. You will find rants, research, letters, and a general streaming of consciousness. The more you dig here, the more you will find. Poke around, make fun, or maybe learn something. Enjoy.

P.S. Expect typo's.
Peace be with you.


Me, almost in Syria...

I was cleaning and found this photo. Some of the guys may remember this road. It was north of Sinjar, had like 80 "S-Turn's". We took it to resupply the retrans site for S-6 Bat Commo. This picture is over looking the Syrian Boarder at the top of the mountains. This was taken by Sgt. %^&$ of S-6. We took a HUMVEE one warm afternoon for a joy ride to the retrains site. A great friend had just sent me a package of upstate NYs finest. We stopped at the local and only "bar" got some terrible scotch and an even worse cigar. But despite that, those "S-Turns" were never as much fun. Funny how the past can seem so bright sometimes.. even in that shit hole.

I spoke up.

"We sincerely want to thank you for your time with the show. I am sorry we went extra innings, but Mr. Penn's constant interuptions made it impossible to move the debate along fast enough. We hope you will join us again soon for another great time with The Daniels!"
Here are all three parts of our debate.
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Thanks again!  Loved the debate tonight.
Chevy Daniels

Justice for Kelly, LA

CNN iReport

CNN PRODUCER NOTE     Korey Rowe photographed protesters in Los Angeles, California, on February 8, calling for justice for Kelly Thomas. Thomas was a homeless man diagnosed with schizophrenia who lived on the streets of Fullerton. In 2011, he had an altercation with police and was taken to the hospital in a comatose state. He later died from his injuries. Two former police officers were recently acquitted in the beating death. (Read more here.) Rowe said protesters were demanding accountability and justice for Thomas. 'Kelly's death caused an outcry, but when the cops were let off, people got really pissed, and took to the streets,' Rowe said. 'Accountability was the main theme -- hold the police accountable, train them better, and fix the injustice of the justice system.' 
Jareen, CNN iReport producer

How to affect change.

This is a conversation I had with a fan, wanted to know what to do next. This is 101 stuff, work on this and get ready for the 300 level :)

I wanted to write and say thank you for your blog, Loose Change, and service to our country. I hope you get as many positive responses from people as you seem to get negative.Years ago, I stumbled across Loose Change, and it changed me.
Thank you,

Thank you for that. Its always more positive then negative. Unfortunately, negativity and evil stand out in the world today. Whereas kindness and a sense of purpose are lost in the shadows of greed. Your kind words just started my day right, thank you.

I am happy to hear that it is more positive than negative. That's a great way to end my day. I rewatched the latest Loose Change with my mom again. Thanks again for being a messenger to something so important. 

Two questions:
1.) what if any significance does the future date on your blog imply? Will something become declassified that day?

2.) what is your most practical suggestion for making change happen to a common person?

1. that is a great idea. sadly, no it just locks that post at the top if my blog. 
2. Making change happen? That is extremely open ended, change in what way? Im guessing in their beliefs about 9/11?

I guess what I am saying is that I feel powerless. I know that voting on a local level has more of a personal impact in my life then voting in national elections. But I wonder how can I get involved? Do I write letters to state and national legislators to reinvestigate 911? Are there certain precautions that I should consider? As always, thank you for your time.

What works for me, and has been one of my greatest outlets, both for myself, and for getting some kind of response from the masses, (which is in a way change), is my blog. When I see something that inspires or upsets me I write about it. I then post on all of my social media and websites. People see it, read it and respond. Discussion is started, debate happens. I am doing something. If EVERYONE did SOMETHING, we would be much better off. Too many just read, maybe like. Take the time to think for yourself, form and opinion, and talk about it openly. From local to national politics, someone else wants to talk about it, many people in fact. That is where I would start, you won't end up talking to Obama, and he wont change legislation, but its a start. It is SOMETHING.

My life, your business.

I was tracking my traffic the other day, and noticed you JREF. For your consideration. I want it all to be available to you since everyone is so concerned with what Dylan and I do.

My email is, my phone number is 607-435-5987, I am in LA. Anytime.

Since you are all such great researchers, find me the article where I was convicted and sentenced, for any of the bullshit you think I did.

East LA Fire, Azusa CA 16 January 2014

This is a video I made of the East LA Fire, in Azusa CA, on Jan 16th.

All footage and photos, shot and edited by me. Also, there is a tornado, or vortex of some kind in the second location stable shot. Looks pretty crazy. What do you think?

Huge 9-11 Non-Fraud

This is in response to the article posted on ABC news.

Disclaimer – I am not aware of every case in this investigation, I do not know who was at ground zero and who was not. My blanket support is of first responders and rescue workers, as it always will be.  The James Zadroga Act was fought for and eventually established to support disabled first responders; that should be the story.  That is what is important.

            In the last 24 hours a news story is racing across the networks about 9-11 first responders being caught in a large organized case of fraud to receive compensation and benefits. This is appalling. Not that these brave men and women are gaining compensation, what is appalling is the idea that they do not deserve every dollar, plus many more.
            There is so much bullshit money floating around this nation for sports franchises, politicians, corporations and through Wall Street that the amount of money that was paid out to first responders is a drop in the ocean. I am paid 1274.00 dollars each month from the Army for being 70% disabled, being afflicted by PTSD, hearing problems, and constant pain. Can I not leave the house? Can I not go fishing? (As what was shown as evidence that these brave soldiers of safety are just fine). I live as much of a normal life as possible. I struggle with night terrors, deftness, pain, and a contorted view on life that exposes me to situations normal people would run screaming from. But I love, I laugh, and I live. I am disabled, but not that you can see. There is nothing different from me to these men and women. I was in a foxhole in Afghanistan and Iraq; they were in the trenches in NYC.

            My brothers in arms and I, disabled and not, deserve to be paid for the rest of our lives by the government that lied to us, then used us as cannon fodder in a pointless war, that in the end did nothing beneficial for this nation or any other. First responders are no different. If they have put themselves out there for the greater good, as soldiers do, they should receive benefits for the remainder of their natural born lives.

For the avid fan, who is broke like every other normal person in America today

For the avid fan, who is broke like every other normal person in America today. You have found my personal site, you are one of the few. So, if you can answer this question, I will send you a info warrior pack for Christmas. Includes DVD's, music, stickers and more. This ends Dec 25th, at 11:59 pm.

The question.

How old does Cody look? He is actually 23 now.

Hint: The answer is on one of our sites.

Have fun. Merry Christmas.


The Real 9-11 Cover Up

This is going to vindicate much of what we have been saying for years. I just watched a segment on Piers Morgan, covering the same information. I will post the article when they do. For now these are the most recent articles I could find. This is news today, not last month, not last year. Today. Congressman, wanting the 28 classified pages of the 9-11 report, proving outside government involvement in 9-11. 

Ask questions. Demand Answers. Loose Change 9/11: An American Coup

--  Links to news articles  --
CNNs report - CNN

One bit of information, such as this will come out. Then another, and then another. When will you finally give in, and start to ask the questions out loud you have been asking yourself for years?

An essay in support of Ethan Couch

            This is one of the most conflicting news stories I have viewed this year, and maybe even longer. I believe the story of Ethan Couch is right up there with Edward Snowden and Bradley Manning. Not that the actions were at all similar, it is that these stories bring up several conflicting emotions within me. I do not pretend to have all of the facts, nor do I understand everything that occurred. However, what America is looking at is a tragedy. There is no way to resurrect those killed, we cannot turn back time, and in the end, here, there are no winners.
            Ethan Couch’s life is over. His fathers business is ruined. The entire family demonized for the actions of an immature young man. He will spend the next ten years in the system, and that is if he stays out of trouble. (I suspect with such a severe case of ‘affluenza’, that is doubtful at best). He is a murderer; a killer, and he is only sixteen. The judges decision while at first may seem lenient, is actually the better of two evils. At the beginning of the case, it was decided he would be tried as a minor. This is where the focus should really be.
            He was over six-teen; he was given a 40,000-dollar company vehicle by his father, and had 6 passengers in a pickup truck. He was responsible, had responsibilities that an adult has, and made egregious errors. He should have been tried as an adult, however, once it was ruled that he would be tried as a minor everything changed. Any jail sentence would be completed either at eighteen, which is most likely, or twenty-one at maximum. (Depending on state laws, and regulations.) That means on a twenty-year sentence, which was the max, he would end up serving no more than 2, to 5 years. The judge’s decision to utilize rehabilitation, and probation, does effectively keep him under legal review, and up for more severe consequences as an adult. He will most likely end up in prison for a short amount of time down the road. It would have been a better decision to force Ethan Couch to serve rehabilitation in a state facility, not a plush private facility. 

            In hindsight, I am not supporting Ethan Couch. I am supporting the ruling that so many seemed shocked, and appalled by. This is typical American media behavior. Our system is severely broken, but it will not change until we as Americans change it. If you want to be mad, be mad at our system. Be mad at the ruling that made him be tried as a minor. But also look within. He, who is without sin, cast the first stone. I have driven drunk, and most of you have as well. Let this be a lesson for all of us, and shall we not become demons ourselves, as we demonize others.

Facebook, a lot like a fridge.

I was bored Sunday morning. My options were to shoot some video, or find a kid that looked like me and convince him I was him from the future... right. So I shot some video. I only used the on board mic, so the audio is not good. Also this created an interesting problem that I attempted to deal with. The flash of light from opening the door, and lamp, overexposed the shot. I have since come up with a number or better ways to deal with this then how I did. For this I just lowered the exposure for the maximum number of frames allowable, then CD'd back to the original exposure settings. It didn't do much, but its ok. I was in my PJ's, and I spent a total of 33 mins on this, it was just me goofing around. This originated from a Facebook post of mine, which was well received. I have a few others that will require more work, but will be worth it. I am hoping to shoot one tonight.

The Fridge -

Chasing a Dream, 2014

Driving coast to coast for the sixth time in my life. I have a chance to do something great, I have to go after it. 

Song of the Adventure - Eminem Lose Yourself

Mr. Dylan Avery will be co-piloting this mission. 

We will be stopping at the homes of some of our best and closest friends from over the years, as well as some crazy places. We will be documenting this adventure, posting live from the road on social media, and encourage your feedback and attention.

The Story.

A few years ago a director in Paris who will remain nameless, invited Dylan and I out to Paris for a couple of weeks, in high-society style. While there he hired us to write a script for a movie, a very specific movie, and we did. Then as all things, life got in the way. Dylan, Director X, and myself have reconnected, and with new passion and enthusiasm want to complete this project.
Personally for me this is vastly important. As a recent college grad who is struggling to find a job in my industry, and my place in the world, this is my shot. I can either make something real, or continue to sit in Oneonta. So here we go.

We are chasing a dream, in 2014.